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Tomoe Was By no means Actually in Love With Yukiji

Kamisama Kiss’ principal romance was derailed by the concept that Tomoe was in love with Yukiji, however that wasn’t the case.

Julietta Suzuki’s kamisama kiss is a basic shojo collection that also features new followers day by day. The male lead Tomoe is a cussed fox yokai who shares a wild, blood-soaked previous with Akura-Ou. After Mikage tamed and made him the shrine’s acquainted from him, Tomoe left his lifetime of destruction and hedonism behind to care for the shrine diligently. When Nanami got here alongside, he rejected her and compelled her to earn his respect from her. Nanami ultimately fell in love with the charming yokai, which he responded to from her along with his traditional charmingly sarcastic quips from her earlier than realizing that he may reciprocate her emotions from her.

Sadly for Nanami, issues turned difficult after the primary time she time-traveled to the previous with Mizuki’s assist and found that Tomoe was once in love with a lady named Yukiji. Nonetheless, he did not appear to have any assortment of her. Later within the collection, Tomoe was immediately getting ready to dying, and no one understood why. Mikage appeared and defined that Tomoe cursed himself to turn into human for Yukiji, however then added that the curse solely ensured Tomoe’s dying from her as soon as Yukiji died. He’d additionally die if he fell in love with anybody aside from Yukiji. Determined to save lots of her de ella acquainted de ella, Nanami once more used Mizuki’s incense pot to journey again in time. Throughout this tour to the previous, Tomoe and Yukiji’s love story stopped making sense.

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Tomoe & Yukiji’s Relationship Was a Misunderstanding the Whole Time

Tomoe fox spirit silver hair Kamisama Kiss

At this level, everybody nonetheless believed that Yukiji was Tomoe’s one real love. Nanami arrived up to now, and villagers mistook her for a yokai since her trendy apparel was misplaced for the time interval. In a sudden flip of occasions, Yukiji swooped in to save lots of the day, realizing that Nanami was simply an extraordinary human. As Nanami began speaking to her, Tomoe and Yukiji’s love story made much less and fewer sense as Yukiji defined her immense hatred for yokai since they destroyed her village. It was Tomoe and Akura-ou themselves who decimated her hometown of her.

In the meantime, Tomoe had simply arrived within the village to purchase time and heal his wounds after an intense battle. The opposite villagers had already caught wind of his arrival from him and got down to kill him, whereas Yukiji was already planning to bask within the yokai’s dying from him. Nanami wouldn’t accept Tomoe getting killed, so she ran out to save lots of him and located him disguised as a toddler to throw the villagers off his path from her. Nanami introduced the disguised Tomoe to Yukiji’s home, the place he stayed the evening and recovered. At this level, Nanami began avoiding Tomoe as a result of she was nonetheless satisfied that he and Yukiji had been destined for one another. Little did she know that Tomoe felt indebted to her and fell in love together with her on the spot.

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Tomoe Was in Love With Nanami for 500 Years However Did not Understand It

Tomoe is starring at a blushing Nanami in Kamisama Kiss.

As Tomoe began feeling higher, he deliberate on leaving Yukiji’s home as quickly as potential. Nonetheless, he was confused about why Nanami was avoiding him. Nanami requested Yukiji’s servant of her to not reveal her true identification to Tomoe. The servant advised Tomoe that the girl who saved him was Yukiji, not Nanami. Due to this fact, Tomoe believed that he was in love with Yukiji and never Nanami as a result of he was led to imagine the latter was truly the previous. Nanami later disguised herself as Yukiji in her wedding ceremony precession since information broke that Akura-ou deliberate to kidnap her.

Tomoe saved Nanami from the yokai despatched to kidnap Yukiji, taking her into his residence. Finally, Nanami realized that Tomoe had been in love together with her the complete time and confused her for Yukiji after he defined that he first noticed her getting attacked by the villagers. By the tip of the arc, Tomoe realized that he was by no means in love with Yukiji to start with. In actuality, he’d been in love with Nanami for 500 years.

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