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The Forbidden Marriage – Ok-Drama Episode 10 Recap & Evaluate

The Bait

Episode 10 of The Forbidden Marriage begins with Girl Search engine optimization telling the Grand Queen Mom about So-rang being a fraud. She runs and tells her grandson from her who he does not imagine her. She tells him that if So-rang doesn’t return to her palace she is going to drop the treasonous costs towards her and the King is distraught.

The King goes to Aedaldang and overhears Shin-won calling So-rang Hyeon-seon and that she is a fraud. He tells her to not return to the palace however secretly tells Seon-hyeok and Ji-hwal to protect her from afar.

Painter Jeong sits in entrance of his canvas and tries to attract a comic book e-book however struggles. He lastly completes it and names it ‘Courting E-book for Seolos’. The 2 fools are impressed and plan to publish it however Jeong is moody. The e-book turns into immediately profitable as everybody together with monks buys the e-book. It ends sadly, and the readers ask for quantity two.

Minister Cho and Girl Search engine optimization focus on what to do with So-rang. So-rang tries to handle Gwang Yi who calls her princess and tells her to go to a mountain or someplace close to water. At that second, Girl Search engine optimization’s assassins assault So-rang as Seon-hyeok and Ji-hwal attempt to cease them. She unknowingly runs to the identical cliff the place Sang-ju had first tried to kill her and is cornered. Shin-won sees and runs in direction of her however earlier than he can attain her, So-rang falls off the cliff and into the river beneath.

Shin-won jumps after her and tries to assist her however he struggles as his wounded arm does not work. Seon-hyeok and Ji-hwal attain in time and chase the assassins away. However they cannot discover Shin-won or So-rang. They alert the King who’s heartbroken.

Shin-won involves and sees Grasp Sung, a nobleman and his daughter, Hwa-yoon who at all times wears a masks, taking care of him and So-rang. He’s shocked to see his arm working once more after a health care provider instructed him nerve palsy is tough to remedy. So-rang regains consciousness and is glad to see Shin-won’s arm work once more.

On the palace, Minister Sul-rok is apprehensive concerning the King who does not wish to give Minister Cho the satisfaction of wanting heartbroken. He even appears to grasp why So-rang scammed him in order that he may recover from his grief from him and let go of the Crown Princess after 7 years. He additionally fell in love together with her as he knew she contained her personal emotions about her and put his personal about her first about her. At that second, Head Eunuch Se-jang comes with a letter that has the King shocked.

Hwa-yoon approaches So-rang and tells her that everybody thinks she is lifeless and for her security to stick with her. So-rang does not wish to impose however Hwa-yoon tells her that one thing comparable occurred to her and convinces her to remain.

At Jeong’s home, the readers swarm for a quantity two and the 2 fools give it out free of charge. They bear in mind Chun-seok and the way he couldn’t inform his love from him, Hae-young how he felt and so in his honor from him Jeong made quantity 2. Additionally they hope to get the wedding ban lifted with this e-book. They kind the protest group Moseoldan and protest towards the ban. Even the students of the town request every single day to elevate the ban. The Ministers get a cart filled with petitions and the Grand Queen Mom is apprehensive.

Nonetheless, the King is busy ingesting and Minister Sul-rok involves him and tells him to behave worse. He attracts on darkish circles and messes up his hair from him. The Grand Queen Mom is apprehensive to see her grandson like this whereas Cho is glad that the King is distracted.

The Grand Queen Mom asks Sul-rok why the King is heartbroken over a peasant. He tells her that So-rang was killed and brings up the queen killer. She places two and two collectively and wonders if Girl Search engine optimization is behind it. Sul-rok tells the King of the matriarch’s response who suspects that the perpetrator desires to manage the bride choice course of.

At Cho’s HQ, he tells Sang-ju to disband the trafficking enterprise so they don’t seem to be suspected. Sang-ju is apprehensive that he’ll be killed however Cho tells him that he has a brand new job for him as they are going to be taking up the palace.

Shin-won is suspicious and tries to observe Girl Search engine optimization. He sees somebody following him and confronts him to see that it’s the King. He seems the letter the King had acquired was from Shin-won telling him that he and So-rang are alive. The King is glad to see that Shin-won has recovered. He asks him to return however Shin-won refuses as he has not been thoughtful of the King’s emotions of him.

In the meantime, So-rang remembers her time with the King and tears up. Hwa-yoon brings her fruits from her to cease her from crying. So-rang tells her that she was once a scammer and that she regrets hurting the King. Hwa-yoon tells her she will not be a nasty individual and comforts her. She leaves as Shin-won goes to So-rang. They discuss Hwa-yoon and like that she is exclusive. He additionally asks her to be associates once more and he or she is glad.

At Aedaldang, Hae-young takes care of Gwang Yi. She is confused about her emotions for Chun-seok and what to do when somebody passes away. Gwang Yi asks her if she nonetheless feels for somebody and he or she thinks of Painter Jeong.

Hwa-yoon tells Shin-won and So-rang that she has been chosen for the bride choice course of however she will not be assured as she has a scar from when she was virtually kidnapped. She additionally tells them that Hyeon-hee who now goes by Hyeon-seon is the strongest candidate. Shin-won suspects that Girl Search engine optimization is kidnapping all these prospects who’re a menace to Hyeon-hee. So-rang tells Hwa-yoon that she is the actual Hyeon-seon and he or she will not run away anymore.

The bride choice course of begins and the prospects arrive at Hanyang together with Hyeon-hee and Hwa-yoon who takes off her masks. So-rang seems as her maid of hers and Hyeon-hee is shocked to see her. The Grand Queen Mom doesn’t like Hwa-yoon’s scar de ella and reprimands her for getting into the choice course of. Hyeon-hee blames her for not being virtuous however Hwa-yoon says it is the abductors’ fault, not hers from her.

Exterior, one of many servants of Girl Search engine optimization bribes the Head Courtroom Girl with a bag of supposed snacks. The primary take a look at requires the women to make embroidery. The Grand Queen Mom selects Hwa-yoon’s embroidery however her identify is changed with Hyeon-seon’s. Hwa-yoon tries to look into the matter however the Head Courtroom Girl stops her. After the outcomes, as the women stroll by the King, he fails to see So-rang who’s upset.

Hwa-yoon tells So-rang concerning the embroidery dishonest. So-rang too sees that white jade is being handed round as bribes. Shin-won desires to assist and he returns because the King’s captain with Se-jang and the King glad to see him.

The Grand Queen Mom makes the listing of those that handed the primary spherical. However she is apprehensive that the King won’t love the bride. She goes to the King and tries to cheer him up. He acts drunk and tells her that it’s all staged. She is shocked that he would doubt her and he tells her that everybody round her has been bribed. He asks for her permission from her to search out the culprits and punish them.

She agrees and the King asks Shin-won’s males to undergo all of the court docket girls’ belongings and so they discover white jade pins. The ladies declare that they’ve been framed and the white jade belongs to Courtroom Girl Received who gave them out as favours. The interior officer can not go forward with out questioning her and Shin-won and Se-jang are stumped.

Sul-rok brings So-rang again to the palace on the King’s request. She thinks she is about to be punished and will get able to beg for his forgiveness from her. As an alternative, the King walks as much as her and kisses her.

The Episode Evaluate

Looks like deja vu for So-rang and the viewers as she as soon as once more falls off a cliff after being cornered by Girl Search engine optimization’s assassins. However not like the primary time, we see that Shin-won overcomes his shock from him and is ready to use his arm from him to avoid wasting So-rang.

It is also fascinating to see the King being mature as as an alternative of blaming So-rang he understands why she did what she did. He’s additionally glad to get again his greatest buddy from him as they put apart their jealousy to unravel the queen killer case collectively.

Hwa-yoon is a cheerful addition to the solid and we hope to see extra of her and the way she is going to play a component in taking down Girl Search engine optimization.

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