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Supreme Court decision: Danger ahead for gay marriage?

One of my proudest moments was 12:01 am, Jan. 1, 2010. Three hundred people were at the State House plaza. The night was cool – well, cold – hovering around 11 degrees. Bells rang, mixed with cheers as our state became just the fifth to adopt marriage equality.

Months earlier, on June 3, on a warm – well, hot – afternoon inside the State House, Gov. John Lynch had signed House Bill 436, the law creating marriage equality, surrounded by 200 people. I sponsored that legislation, and remember it as a long, difficult battle with our opponents raising substantial funds to stop us.

Standing at both events, I wondered why we had to fight so hard. Why in a nation proud of the words “…with liberty and justice for all…” do we have to fight for equality and human rights?

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