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MP: Groom prefers bulldozer over horse or car for marriage procession


MP groom arrives in bulldozer for marriage procession

Two women family members also accompanied the groom.  Credit: IANS File Photo

While bulldozers are more in news these days over their use for razing the properties of rioters in some states, a groom here in Madhya Pradesh chose it, instead of a horse or car, for his marriage procession.

Two women family members also accompanied the groom, Ankush Jaiswal, on the bulldozer during the wedding procession on Wednesday in Jhallar village under Bhainsdehi tehsil of Betul district. Some photos and videos of the marriage procession went viral on social media. Jaiswal, a civil engineer by profession, said he had been working with construction-related machines, including bulldozers, every day as part of his job.

“Therefore, a thought came to my mind that I should use such equipment as part of my wedding to make it a memorable event,” Jaiswal said. The loader bucket of the bulldozer was decorated appropriately for the occasion, he said. “I sat comfortably on it during the marriage procession,” Jaiswal said.

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