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How To Use Astrocartography For Love

On the subject of discovering love, astrocartography will help present you the perfect place on the earth to not simply fall in love, but additionally to remain in love.

Astrocartography, also called astrolocation or locational astrology, is the tactic of utilizing a map to indicate the place the planets rose and set on the date of your start. Every planet’s location infuses that particular space with a objective and influences in your life.

Based on astrology, this is the reason some locations on the earth not solely really feel like residence even when you’ve got solely visited for the primary time but additionally why varied places could appear to deliver completely different experiences into your life.

Every planet holds a distinct which means and objective in astrology, so utilizing astrolocation you’ll be able to pinpoint the perfect locations to journey to. For instance, TikTok creator and astrologer Maren Altman explains how you should utilize astrocartography to seek out love.

use astrocartography for love

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1. Generate your start chart utilizing entire signal homes.

With a purpose to do that you’re going to want your start date, time, and placement.

Insert this info right into a start chart calculator to generate your chart. After the outcomes are up you need to focus in your entire signal homes (the circle chart) as the home system is vital to particular areas of your life.


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