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How A lot Did Anakin REALLY Love Padmé?

Can Anakin Skywalker’s emotions for Padmé actually be thought-about real love, or did the darkness underlying spoil his intentions from the start?

Given his trajectory, it is simple to query whether or not Anakin Skywalker’s love for Padmé Amidala in Star Wars have been ever actually real. Anakin and Padmé met when Anakin was nonetheless only a younger boy in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace. Although he was already infatuated together with her then, it was a boyish crush—one which Padmé couldn’t reciprocate on the time. Nonetheless, after they subsequent met in Star Wars: Episode II – Assault of the ClonesAnakin and Padmé’s emotions for each other grew into one thing resembling love, and their marriage ceremony on the finish of the movie solidified their relationship as one of the crucial essential romances in Star Wars historical past.


One criticism typically lobbed at Assault of the Clones is the speeding of Anakin and Padmé’s relationship, and the suspension of disbelief needed to grasp why Padmé would conform to marry Anakin. She knew he was unstable and even murderous after he slaughtered the Tusken Raiders. As such, the one affordable clarification for her marrying Anakin is that she was actually in love with him. Since Anakin has by no means been something however infatuated with Padmé, nevertheless, the query stays whether or not his emotions for her have been a real and all-forgiving love as Padmé felt for him, or whether or not his tendency for darkness clouded his judgment and thus his emotions for her at each flip.

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Anakin’s Love For Padmé Was Deeply Flawed

Anakin Throws Rush Clovis Away from Padme Amidala in Star Wars The Clone Wars

In reality, Anakin’s love for Padmé was deeply flawed, and these flaws have been solely exacerbated by their secret marriage. Nowhere is that this extra obvious than within the animated collection Star Wars: The Clone Warswhich features a few episodes devoted to exploring Anakin and Padmé’s relationship throughout the wider context of Star Wars‘ Clone Wars. These episodes show that Anakin’s emotions for Padmé have been overly possessive, jealous, and self-absorbed, particularly when Anakin got here nose to nose with Rush Clovis, an ex-senator and banker who harbored romantic emotions for Padmé. Anakin’s worst flaws surfaced when confronted with Clovis, beating him to a pulp and dismissing Padmé’s objections from her that she had no emotions for her disgraced colleague from her.

Anakin grew to become so blinded by the mere concept that another person might need an curiosity in Padmé that he could not see proper from fallacious anymore. Even Padmé’s intervention barely stopped him from killing Clovis. He has disregarded his spouse’s emotions about her completely, listening solely to his rage-induced ideas about her, dropping all objectivity and permitting himself to be swayed by jealousy. Though different Star Wars tasks, just like the books by EK Johnston that concentrate on Padmé, confirmed a special facet of her relationship with Anakin, one the place their chemistry and loving nature was extra obvious, these lesser-known tasks aren’t sufficient to counteract the proof of Anakin’s greed desde The Clone Wars and the remainder of the Star Wars prequel trilogy.

Was Anakin’s Love For Padme Ever Real?

Anakin kissing Padme in Star Wars

Given Anakin’s predisposition for possessiveness and jealousy, it is exhausting to consider that his love for Padmé was pure and real. There are various kinds of love, actually, however real love is selfless and crammed with heat and kindness. These phrases can’t be used to explain Anakin’s emotions in direction of Padmé. He by no means totally trusted her, which brought about him to behave out selfishly and completely disregard her emotions about her. His sheer panic on the considered dwelling with out her would counsel that he did actually love her, however this was as soon as once more marred by his selfishness of her and Anakin’s conviction that Padmé wanted to stick with him ceaselessly, even when their relationship would all the time be spoiled by the darkish facet.

Anakin’s unhealthy view of their relationship can probably be attributed to the truth that he by no means noticed an instance of a healthful and loving relationship throughout his youthful years. He by no means knew his father de él, and although his mom de él liked him, the brutality of her demise de ella allowed Anakin’s rage to eclipse no matter heat he might need nonetheless carried with him from his childhood. Mix that with the Jedi’s strict guidelines on relationships, in addition to the insistence that any sort of deep private connection would result in the darkish facet, and it’s no marvel that Anakin was by no means capable of really feel a wholesome type of love for his spouse de he. He was by no means taught the distinction.

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Why Anakin’s Love For Luke May Redeem Him

Darth Vader Anakin speaks to Luke without his mask

The explanation why Anakin’s affection for Padmé could not save him whereas his love for his son Luke Skywalker was capable of redeem him is kind of easy. There was no additional motive there. As soon as Anakin resurfaced from the depths of Darth Vader’s darkness, he knew that it was already too late for him, however he would have the ability to save his solely son. That was a selfless deed, born out of pure affection and love, a love of the final remaining factor that linked Anakin to Padmé and the life he knew earlier than Palpatine’s manipulations. A hyperlink to a time when he might nonetheless have change into a drive for good, versus the dwelling embodiment of darkness.

Selflessness is among the cornerstones of the sunshine facet of the Pressure, the concept that one life can not stand in the way in which of the larger good. Anakin saving Luke Skylwalker embraced that splendid wholeheartedly. He knew that his son de él can be a drive of excellent within the galaxy, opposing every part he had stood for all these years, and so he sacrificed himself to Palpatine’s all-encompassing anger and hated to make sure a brand new and hopeful future. Although Anakin’s affection for Padmé was all the time sullied by darkness, in the long run, it led to one of many truest types of love that Anakin had ever recognized and Star Wars has ever seen—that between a father and a son.

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