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Earth X Confirmed Why Wolverine Ought to By no means Be With Jean Grey

The Earth X Wolverine discovered the onerous method why he and Jean Grey should not be collectively, and the reason being extra tragic than anybody might have guessed.

Throughout the historical past of the X-Males franchise, one of the crucial enduring items of romantic rigidity stemmed from the love triangle between Cyclops, Jean Gray, and Wolverine. The three would travel through the years, inflicting loads of drama — at the least till the Krakoa Period quietly resolved it with a prompt open relationship between the trio.

However one notably grim timeline revealed one of many methods the romance might have ended — and the way it might have significantly derailed the heroes in query. The wedding between the Earth X Wolverine and Jean Grey twisted a probably joyful ending into one thing much more tragic.

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Jean Grey and Wolverine Acquired Married in Earth X


Earth X (by Jim Krueger, Alex Ross, John Paul Leon, Invoice Reinhold, and Todd Klein) introduce the grim Earth-9997, a timeline set years sooner or later from the current day. Lots of the heroes of the trendy technology had both died within the line of obligation or retired from their heroic mantles. This contains Wolverine and Jean Gray, who left behind the X-Males after Jean misplaced her powers from her. They have been married and have become civilians in a world more and more dominated by superpowered beings. Whereas Cyclops continued to work with the mutant workforce (finally turning into a Charles Xavier-like determine to a brand new technology of mutants as Professor S), Logan and Jean adjusted to home life — poorly.

When the Cranium attacked New York on the conclusion of Earth X, Wolverine refused the possibility to redeem himself alongside different retired heroes — leading to Jean leaving Logan and even declaring she was actually Madelyne Pryor, merely to disturb him. The pair wouldn’t be reunited till the marriage of Medusa and King Britain in Paradise X. Though the 2 made peace with their failed relationship, they remained separated — guaranteeing the top of their marriage.

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Earth X Gave Wolverine Precisely What He Needed


This discovery would finally play an element within the continued deterioration of Earth X’s Wolverine. On this timeline, he wasn’t even technically a mutant. In actuality, this Wolverine was descended from the traditional Tribe of the Moon, a band of early people who averted the genetic affect of the Celestial Seed planted throughout the Earth. Remaining within the wild and away from society, an toddler Logan was found by the Howlett household and adopted to interchange their deceased son. Discovering this reality from his Days of Future Previous variant, the Earth X Wolverine might do little else however giggle on the circumstances of his life. Stripping away his clothes, Logan jumped into the ocean and swam again into the wild, by no means to be heard from once more.

The destiny of the Earth X Logan is quietly one of the crucial tragic variations of the character. In concept, he received all the pieces he ever wished — he discovered a life freed from the violence that had sometimes outlined him however was left bloated and uninteresting consequently. He gained the love of Jean Gray, solely to see it turn into embittered and merciless. His “joyful” ending of him concerned turning his again on humanity and embracing his animalistic aspect of him, one thing Logan had struggled with and overwhelmed as a heroic member of the X-Males. The Earth X Logan highlights how Wolverine getting a “joyful” ending comes with a value, and coincides with the character’s acceptance of violence as a necessity of his life within the fashionable period all of the extra becoming and bittersweet.

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