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Divorced dad wishes DNA disclosure

Pricey Amy: I’m the daddy of 4 sons, divorced from their alcoholic mom 17 years in the past when the boys have been very younger. All of my sons are actually of their 20s.

Shortly after my divorce, I discovered from good friend of my ex that she started her lengthy streak of infidelities throughout the first yr of our marriage.

I used to be conscious throughout my marriage that she was “spending time” with male co-workers, together with one man particularly, throughout a time period which coincides with the conception of certainly one of my sons.

This explicit son doesn’t resemble his brothers. His bodily traits of him strongly resemble the male co-worker that I believe his mother of him was having a relationship with.

I’ve questioned for years whether or not I’m his organic father.

For each his sake and mine, and for quite a few different causes, I’ve thought of discussing this with him or getting DNA testing finished.

I can not focus on this with my sons’ mother, as a result of I’ll by no means get the reality.

Is it mistaken to debate this with my son and/or get DNA assessments to substantiate or deny my organic connection to him?

What’s your recommendation?

—Heartsick within the Heartland

Pricey Heartsick: It is not essentially mistaken to attempt to focus on this concern along with your son, however if you happen to do, it’s best to put together your self for a variety of reactions from him—from doable aid to rejection.


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