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Divorced dad needs DNA disclosure

Expensive Amy: I’m the daddy of 4 sons, divorced from their alcoholic mom 17 years in the past when the boys have been very younger. All of my sons at the moment are of their 20s.

Shortly after my divorce, I realized from a great pal of my ex that she started her lengthy streak of infidelities throughout the first 12 months of our marriage.

I used to be conscious throughout my marriage that she was “spending time” with male co-workers, together with one man particularly, throughout a time period which coincides with the conception of one in all my sons.

This specific son doesn’t resemble his brothers. His bodily traits of him strongly resemble the male co-worker that I believe his mother of him was having a relationship with.

I’ve questioned for years whether or not I’m his organic father.

For each his sake and mine, and for quite a few different causes, I’ve thought-about discussing this with him or getting DNA testing achieved.

I can’t talk about this with my sons’ mother, as a result of I’ll by no means get the reality.

Is it improper to debate this with my son and/or get DNA checks to verify or deny my organic connection to him?

What’s your recommendation?

—Heartsick within the Heartland

Expensive Heartsick: It is not essentially improper to attempt to talk about this challenge along with your son, however when you do, you need to put together your self for a variety of reactions from him—from potential reduction to rejection.


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