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A love affair with litter


Terrence Honore-


THE CRIME of littering is simply too prevalent in TT. We’re murdering our surroundings. We’re failing to see that our our bodies of water are dying with all of the litter we indiscriminately throw out of automobiles and depart on our streets, or dump by our rivers and seashores.

The Litter Act 20 of 1973 tells us there are ends of as much as $4,000 for perpetrators. However not sufficient individuals have been arrested or convicted for the careless and lawless approach they get rid of their litter.

Lately, I used to be an eyewitness to the escalating crime of littering. I noticed how just a little rainfall resulted in rubbish piling up in our drains. I noticed that individuals are nonetheless littering all over. It is a shame. It’s not a matter to be trifled with. It displays a individuals who could be accused of being disorganized and downright soiled. Are we responsible as charged?

Whereas a few of our leaders proceed to speak “garbar” in and out of doors of Parliament, rubbish is piling up all over the place. There must be an evaluation of littering management in constitutions as a evaluation of MPs’ effectiveness, as an alternative of simply ready to depend the votes.

Sure, that is one more lament about litter. However the intent is to get individuals to forsake their littering methods. We can not proceed to let litter symbolize who’re and the way we current ourselves to different nations.

Littering is against the law of the thoughts, however it comes from the guts. It manifests in some ways, and piles up in streets, drains and rivers. And nothing appears to have the ability to cut back this ardour for placing issues within the unsuitable locations. Do individuals assume that after they throw trash away it is the top of their accountability? They’re so unsuitable. It is the contradiction of our existence – to reside in magnificence and encompass ourselves with a lot garbage.

Some individuals simply like to litter. It lingers on their minds. There appears to be a “candy” feeling for doing the “stink” factor of throwing rubbish out of a automotive or bus. I can testify to that.

I recall sooner or later whereas driving south alongside the Solomon Hochoy Freeway, a couple of meters behind a automotive with three occupants, one in every of its passengers indiscriminately threw a bottle out of the window. It landed on the grass between the lanes, rebounded and flew up in the direction of my windscreen. I instinctively pulled the steering wheel to keep away from a collision. The automotive forward slowed down briefly, then sped off, leaving me to “deal with my tales.” I lived to inform the story. Thank God. However I used to be left shaken and indignant at that act of littering.

However the scenes of litter in our public locations proceed to be painful to the attention and searing to the soul. Who can vaccine us in opposition to the virus of littering that has contaminated many minds and resulted in air pollution of our waterways? The persistent case of littering makes us sick. It is a illness for which we should search a treatment.

Internationally, the ever-worsening statistical opinions proceed to shout at us. In 2016, our nation was ranked because the tenth most poisonous nation on the planet. In 2017, it was the flip of the World Financial institution to inform us that we had been the very best producer of municipal waste per capita. These info haven’t decided us from severely polluting our surroundings. With the ensuing results of polluted water programs, widespread flooding and mosquito invasion, creating an total well being concern. We’ve been listening to however not listening to the messages.

Our paradise is a vacationer vacation spot, a spot of prosperity and nice environment, with nonetheless a couple of pastoral scenes that might nonetheless make the well-known native painter Cazabon blush with delight. Just like the Bible account of the Backyard of Eden, we’re tasked to care for this place, to take care of its pristine magnificence. Individuals appear to like to litter our panorama as an alternative of preserving its magnificence. We’re paying the value for that day by day.

That is an uncomfortable paradox: how can a rustic that has such excessive creativity make such a large number of issues. If that is symptomatic of a nation in misery, we’re extra in a large number than we care to confess.

This act of littering must be offensive to all of us, not solely the few who hate to litter. We should implement the Litter Act earlier than it is too late!

We litter with disdain, repeatedly. It is a dangerous love affair and we won’t hear the horn that’s signaling the demise of our paradise.

Many others have written, and spoken, and even some laws and campaigns have been launched, all with good intentions, however there isn’t a letting up on the littering. It is a silent crime that leaves messy proof to comply with, however few appear to be convicted of the act. And perpetrators cover in plain sight.

However I can not cover my disgust in seeing how individuals proceed to “kill” our surroundings with impunity. Nowhere escapes the uncaring a great deal of litter thrown from automobiles by kids and irresponsible adults.

The evaluation of this drawback is one for the psychologists, the psychiatrists and even the anthropologists. However whereas they proceed to have their say, the issue persists with us right this moment. We have to return to the outdated granny philosophy that espoused cleanliness and order in how we reside – however alas the nice ole days appear thus far gone.

At the moment, we face a contemporary insanity the place individuals simply like to litter, like to see bottles and cans on the streets and clogging up the drains. And people who enjoy turning a stupendous river lime scene right into a “horror story” and strolling away with none guilt about what they left behind.

However what of these amongst us who embrace the view that cleanliness is subsequent to godliness? Actually, there are members of our neighborhood who observe what they preach. If that is true, then it should be mirrored publicly, someway, someday.

Above all, there’s a sacred belief that should not be violated, as decreed by God, to take care of our “backyard of Eden.” Every particular person and each household should be charged with retaining a clear scene. The Litter Act should be enforced. We should have a satisfaction of place.

Allow us to endeavor to maintain devoted to cleanliness, to our county – and cease loving litter.

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